Unpredictable Transition in Egypt

Unpredictable Transition in Egypt

As the time passes, the maturity of people about the issues of their government keeps on increasing while the current systematic transitions show that people are more attracted towards democracy than autocracy. Downfall of colonel Gaddafi, Yasir Arafat, Pervaiz Musharaf , Zia-Ul-Haq and many more are the significant examples. Recently the same happened by making the accountability of Hasni Mubarak in 2011 and setting the stage for new democratic president Mohammad Morsi of Egypt, but it shook the whole world in July 2013 when Egyptian Army took over the country and arrested the democratic president whereas Watching this part of movie one cannot jump to the decision that this was the conspiracy of Army only but many seen and unseen energy elements are supposed to be involved.
History of Egypt is as old as the history of man. Being the Islamic country and having large oil reserves, it is the most influential country in Arab World. According to the survey done in


2010, the adult literacy rate was 72.00 percent. Egypt is transcontinental country, having its area in both continents Asia and Africa; it has the mixture of Asian and African cultures. Libya and Sudan come into the list of its just good neighbors while the disputes with Israel have never come down.
Egypt has been in the hands of dictatorship for most of the time that has really made it a backward country. Dictators made lot of foreign policies which bitterly damaged Egypt. Providing the gas pipeline to Israel in a cheap price and getting foreign aid for Army are the examples of quixotic approaches. Egypt has the dispute of territory with Israel on which many wars have been fought but neither of these wars has been won by Egyptian Army. This is also the fact that the countries with large reserves of oil and gas are influenced more specially by West. Iraq, Iran and Saudi Arabia are worth mentioned to support this point. Due to this, USA has great impact on the socio-economic and political activities of Egypt. For many years US is giving the aid of approximately 1.3 billion dollars.
As for as the economy of Egypt is concerned, it mainly depends on its natural resources, Media, agriculture and tourism. Having all these resources which are the key requirements for the stable economy still Egypt has many problems regarding energy crisis like currently Pakistan is facing. It also gets financial aid and debts from IMF, ADB and some countries including USA. There is dire need to have advancement in technology which could not be done due to political collapse, a random transition between dictatorship to democracy and then back to dictatorship. People are busy in protests for the downfall of Morsi against the Army chief Abdul Fatah Al-sisi who took over Egypt in july 2013 on the call of protests throughout the country.
Hasni Mubarak, former autocratic president rule Egypt for about thirty years who became president after the assassination of Anwar Sadat. He changed the mindset of people from democracy to autocracy. But every dictator must take into account that finally there will be an end, if not today then tomorrow or day after tomorrow. Currently technology is observed to be the complementary source for the revolution, so happened in Libya against Colonel Gaddafi through social networking websites. Libya, being the neighbor country of Egypt influenced its political transition and the protests against Hasni Mubarak emerged. As a result He had to leave the government and was sentenced for life imprisonment. A great and unique change in Egyptian government system after about three decades came that made some countries happy but also proved to be a roaring threat to some countries including Saudi Arabia where still kingdom exists, Israel which was having some contracts: A bigger among them was gas pipeline and border issues and USA which was giving aid to Egyptian Army in billion dollars in against some hidden agreements.
A great revolution with endless protests of Egyptians including greater number of students came after many sacrifices. Mohammad Morsi became the elected president. On the visit of Pakistan, President Morsi came with his general Abdul Fatah Al-sisi. One of the Pakistani politicians Senator Mushahid Hussain said on TV channel,”President Morsi admired Al-sisi and his loyalty towards Egypt”. What a coincidence! This is nearly a same dialogue uttered by Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto for General Zia-Ul-Haq and Nawaz Sharif for General Pervaiz Musharaf. The history repeated itself. People started protesting against President Morsi but on the same time great number of protestors was in favor of Morsi as well. Al-sisi took over Egypt by just giving the ultimate time (for the sake of formality) to Morsi for addressing the problems of protestors but Morsi denied by saying that he was a democratic president and army did not have the right to interfere in government matters. Hardly a year completed again Army took the control, even a sufficient time was not given to democracy for maturity. Egypt is now in dark nights under the control of Army.
By looking this random transition internationally we come to know that Saudi Arabia said,”Army of Egypt has done a remarkable work and it has shown its loyalty towards country”. Neither UNO nor USA which always call them self pro-democracy condemned this transition. Israel the neighboring country has also been silent over this matter perhaps this is because Morsi had always strong policies for Israel who first made gas expensive and then cancelled this contract. Morsi always stood strict in his foreign policies. The visit of Morsi to Russia might have created some anger for USA but there must be some foreign interference otherwise, the smooth running country could not be in such conditions in all of a sudden.
This is an alarming message for the democratic countries especially to Pakistan which has been under rule of Army more than democratic governments. For this Pakistan has to do two things: first to make Pakistani people in confidence by performing better according to their expectations, as democracy is supposed to be government for the people, by the people and of the people and second to minimize the foreign interference by making some strong policies that clearly reflect the sovereignty of an independent state. This same message is also for the people who love democracy, to cooperate with the government in the best way even in the hard times of energy crisis and terrorism.

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