Ultra Soft Strain Sensor for Robotics

Ultra Soft Strain Sensor for Robotics

A highly stretchable, stable and linear fluidic strain sensor has been developed using a cost-effective and simple fabrication process. A biocompatible composite of glycerol and potassium chloride has been used as the conductive sensing material which is infilled in 5-half cycles sinusoidal channel made of elastomer using a 3D printed mold. High sensitivity with a hysteresis of 4.23% and a speed of 5 Hz were achieved due to less viscous composite and optimized sensor design. The fabricated sensor exhibited outstanding resistive response up to 100% stretching and gauge factor of 2.7. Device was tested on 8000 cycles at 25% strain. The optimization of the design was performed on COMSOL 5.4 using the FEA tool. Sensor’s characterization in different environmental conditions was successfully performed. Finally device was used as a feedback sensor for underwater robotic angular movement detections and personnel wearable device. The results highly favor our proposed sensor to be used in high-end applications.

Journal- Smart Materials and Structures

Impact Factor- 3.54

DOI- 10.1088/1361-665X/ab540b

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