Resistive Memory Device using EHDA

Resistive Memory Device using EHDA

Functional thin film of strontium titanate/polyvinyl alcohol (SrTiO3-PVA) hybrid nanocomposite was sandwiched between silver (Ag) electrodes for the application of resistive random access memory (RRAM). Bottom Ag electrodes were patterned using high resolution reverse offset printing system while the hybrid composite thin film and the top Ag electrode were deposited through electro-hydrodynamic (EHD) atomization and EHD patterning respectively. RRAM behavior of SrTiO3 memory device has not been reported on a flexible substrate due to its brittle nature therefore, in this study we have successfully evaluated its mechanical robustness by forming its nanocomposite with highly flexible PVA polymer. The fabricated device showed bipolar, rewritable and nonvolatile memory behavior at low operating voltage. The bistable resistive switching behavior had off/on ratio of ~30, retention time of 8.64 � 104 s and electrical endurance of 500 operating cycles. The device illustrated mechanical robustness when subjected to 500 bend cycles and varying bending diameters.

Journal- Polymer

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